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Where kids learn basic computer and mouse skills to better express themselves and interact with others through technology.

Typing & PC Skills is all about getting kids to master one of the most important tech tools we have: our fingers, which allow us to express our thoughts and interact with all other technologies—especially the computer. Our students learn the proper way to handle a keyboard and mouse using our evidence-based metrics so that they can inherit the keys to modern communication.


  • Learn basic computer and mouse skills

  • Type faster

  • Memorize basic commands and shortcuts

  • Understand how a computer works
    Better express thoughts through text


What gets measured:

  • Typing Speed: how long it takes students to type 60 words at their grade level

  • Writing Complexity: an algorithmic analysis of the lexile of text


Typing Mechanics

  • Space Bar

  • Shift

  • Capitalization

  • Backspace

  • Basic Punctuation

  • Enter/Return

  • Home Keys

  • Copy Paste

  • Highlighting

  • Changing Font

  • Arrow Keys

  • What is the Cursor?

Computer Skills

  • Mouse Skills: Right Click

  • Mouse Skills: Left Click (Double Click and Single)

  • Mouse Skills: Scrolling

  • Mouse Skills: Dexterity

  • Computer Components

  • Computer Navigation (eg What are windows, what is a Desktop etc)

  • Using The Web

  • Online Safety


  • Input Data

  • Insert Images into Document

  • Opening Closing Windows

  • Minimizing/Maximizing Windows

  • Opening Closing Folders

  • Tabs in a browser

  • File System (includes creating and moving files)

  • Retrieving Documents

  • Printing Documents